What to do, what to do, what to do

I got my sketchbook from Art House Co-op for the Sketchbook Project Tour 2011. I also got a set of minimal rules, and a library card for the Brooklyn Art Library where the finished sketchbooks will be housed. It is a round cornered dark blue 40 manilla paged nightmare. And it is bar coded with my name and theme: Make Mine A Double. The whole concept of doing a sketchbook is terrifying. First I have to decide on what to do. I have endless lists, and lists within lists. Not only must I narrow down my concept, I must decide on what I think would showcase the theme in an interesting way, and would prompt art gallery attendees to pick up the book in the first place. Part of this challenge is to make a piece that would be “touched”, that is to say, picked up and leafed through, a sort of democraticization of the idea. The second part of the challenge is for me to actually take a concept and fit it into the book format. I am not, by nature, an illustrator. I am a builder of sorts. I like materials, and I like experimenting with them, and ultimately I like “function”, primarily interaction connected with the “function”. I am leaning towards a book with parts that move, i.e. popping out, sliding, doors opening and revealing, those sorts of things. Here is a list of my ideas so far:
Double Helix
Siamese Twins
Shakespeare’s doubles
Noah’s Ark
“Double Down”
“Double Trouble”
“Twice as Nice”
“Double Header”

Anyone else have anything to add to my list? I am open to ideas.


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