Cross that off my life list

Just came home from my last class with John Tartaglia. I practiced my butt off in an attempt to redeem myself. I can lipsync with my eyes closed.I had the moves all choreographed, I was confident, I was….. But once I had to put the puppet up above my head PLUS watch myself backwards in a monitor, then, well, let’s put it another way…I was a disaster. No really. Not just terrible, but embarrassing. The kind of embarrassing that brings out the “the old lady tried but failed, but let’s tell her we’re all learning” kind of bad. I felt bad actually for John. He is such a nice person and wants to say something positive, while watching me. And I was in the “omg, we can’t change the channel or get up and leave until it is over-bad” zone. That said, I was fine with it. I was kinda fascinated by my own train wreck. I kept staring into the monitor, trying desperately to figure things out. John would come over and adjust my arm, which would somehow find it’s own way back to the wrong position instantly, as if the puppet had taken over and was an anarchistic child. A sort of Bartleby the Scrivener moment. It was at that moment that I realized that I can cross off being a puppeteer on tv as a career goal for a retired puppetry teacher. I’m not giving up on becoming a puppeteer in a theatrical piece, sans monitor, in an intimate space, so stay tuned.


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