Dreaming about Ireland

OK, we *might* be living in Ireland for a length of time. Life is about surprises. My husband and I went to Ireland this past summer for 3 glorious weeks. The first 9 days we were on a tour with American singer Kate Campbell. Essentially we “pub crawled” and listened to traditional Irish music. The next 2 weeks, we went on our own, driving on the left side of the road, guided by our GPS through unknown vistas. We immediately loved Ireland.

I didn’t know.

What I mean is that it is as magical as people say it is, it is as green as people say, and it is friendly as people say. Who knew?

Everyone who comes back tries to articulate the beauty, serenity, and history that is Ireland. It’s impossible. Really it is. So we decided that if given the opportunity we would live there for a period of time, like 6 months to 1 year. Meaning, pare down to the essentials, get a house sitter and move. Friends have said “why Ireland, why now”? I say why not? We aren’t getting any younger, and in fact, there is an expiration date on my sight and both our memories. I want to get to a place where we grow a garden, go food shopping everyday to pick up dinner fresh, and look out my window and see green everywhere. Which is not to say I can’t do that where I live now, but Ireland has far less people, houses, busses, trains than New Jersey. At least from what I saw from my 3 week visit.

Who knows what I will blog about if I do get to live there.

Which brings me to this. My husband was getting his teeth cleaned at the dentist, mentioned he would love to rent a house in Ireland, was overheard by another dental hygenist, who passed on the name of her cousin who has a house to rent, who will be emailing details tomorrow night.

I can’t breathe.


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