Holding my breath-still

As is with all things in life, sometimes you have to wait patiently. I am waiting for the person to contact me with photos of her home in Ireland. She sent me a quick blast saying she is digging them out of the attic. While I am waiting, I am going about my regular life.

I am at the crossroads which is to be expected. I have to work on a budget for my pension income, as it is evident that I can not sustain the type of spending I have in the past. I have to work on a better eating plan, as my physical activity has changed since I retired (for example I am not on my feet 8 hours a day, chasing students and their ideas). I have to focus on organizing and cleaning my house, as it has been on the back burner while I was working (I was one of those Holiday “OMG company is coming” cleaners). All of these things can be very overwhelming to someone who is processing that she has the rest of her life to do anything she wants, and quite frankly the first 3 things are not what she wants to do.

I am continuing to pursue doing things I want to do and to that end I went, along with the rest of the participants in John Tartaglia’s master class, to see ImaginOcean, his puppet musical off broadway at the New World Stages. The black light puppet show was light, had a distinct narrative and message, and was expertly manipulated. We got to go backstage to see how things “worked” as well as ask the puppeteers questions. What I learned is that I won’t be working in black light puppetry soon, as I can’t see in the dark, and the puppeteers are in virtual darkness working dressed in black and in hoods under the black light. Next week I am signed up to take a puppet building workshop at The Puppet Kitchen in New York. I consider my puppet building skills strong as I am a fiber artist, and taught puppetry. (as long as this skill doesn’t require working with a monitor, I’m golden LOL). The Puppet Kitchen builds professional puppets for television and stage, and I am really interested in seeing their studio space.

So, while I am waiting to hear the details about Ireland, I am going about the business of living.


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