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Childhood memories

November 28, 2010

Some people are able to remember everything about growing up. Unfortunately for me, I am not one of those. I blocked a lot of them out, so consequently what I have is a kaleidoscope of images, feelings, and names, and am never sure if they match, are true, or, are wishful. Moving so often growing up was not good for my soul. In order to protect it, my brain erased (for lack of a better word) the experience of the “before” when we moved to the “next”. I guess to protect the soul from hurt. Early on one learns that “we’ll keep in touch” is just a polite saying, and that “I’ll never forget you” is just one way of saying “goodbye”.

Now as I enter the last quarter of my life, I have plenty of time to try to sort of the shards of memories like an archeologist with numbered bits that eventually will become a vase. I conjured up an image of an early adolescent friend. I remembered loving her and her family for many reasons, mostly connected with their “exotic” to my family’s “staid and practical”. We had no distinct regionalism in our ways, speech or food. They were from the south, proud, loyal, and had the distinctive “accent” (my mother’s word, and SHE had an accent, albeit German). My friend’s parents were older than mine (again if I remember correctly), and doted on her. She was their southern princess, and the family exhibited southern charm and breeding, something out of a Tennessee Willliams’ Novel (or so it seemed). My family was obsessed with practicality, rules, and stress levels of meeting the outside expectations of life.

My new friend had a dog, a car, and was dainty,feminine and fair. I was without a pet (too impractical), too young to drive (and in fact didn’t drive until 23), and clunky, brash, and dark (including my mood).
My memories of our friendship are clouded in laughing and being a passenger in her car. (was it a white convertible mustang?).

What I did remember was her name, and where she came from in the south, and where she boldly said to me she was going to go to college when she got “home” to the “states”. I had no “home” in the states and as for college, my parents thought that was impractical for a girl, so they and I made no plans, other than perhaps going to the University of Maryland’s extension college in Europe somewhere vague. After all, “your father’s in the army, and you don’t know where you will be when you graduate high school” was the prevailing sentiment.

My friend knew exactly what her plans would be. And thank G*d she did, because those goals were so ingrained in MY head, I was able to find her on the internet, and we have reconnected, and are catching up. We are exchanging the “nows” of our lives. Hopefully in due time she will be able to fill in the blanks about the “thens”.


Less stuff-an addiction of selling

November 17, 2010


Ok, I have to admit it now, I am addicted to selling on eBay. It’s just been a week, and already I check my sales every nano second. We all know, like George W. Bush, I have a “habitual personality”. He towards drinking, and me towards, well anything but drinking. Spending, collecting, eating, talking, embellishing, writing, on and on it goes. So now I am addicted to making my paypal account increase (which I also check every nano second) by selling stuff on eBay.

Selling is a funny thing. First of all, I decided to not put emotions to the thing, but logic. If I hadn’t worn it, or looked at it in years, it’s gone. I didn’t miss it, so I won’t miss it is my motto. Secondly I have asked my husband not to comment on my eBay selling. I don’t want anyone second guessing the money aspect of it. In other words if something sells for X I don’t need anyone to say over my shoulder “that should have sold for Y”. It is what it is. Thirdly, I decided to try to develop of “look” of things first, so that if someone does peruse the site they can see what kind of things I may have in the future, the old “I like her choice of clothes, so I’ll bookmark her for later” psychology.

I already attracted a stalker person, who has bid, cancelled, bid, won and then begged off. I knew this stalker person was a stalker from her first bid on, and contacted eBay to see if there was something they could do to pre-empt her winning her first win, but they couldn’t. It’s almost like you can’t prevent anyone of doing wrong until they prove your suspicions and actually do wrong. How did I know she was a stalker person? A) she has no feedback and just started (and I will give her some slack on that) and b) she calls me “chica” when she emails and uses caps randomly. eww. And it has dawned on me that “she” might be a “he” as well, because of bidding choices.

I also noticed that there are “flippers” on eBay, which is OK. They will bid on your stuff and you know they will sell it in their resale shops either brick and mortar, or on eBay. That has prompted me to move my opening bids up slightly. So the first batch of stuff people got relatively cheaply, and now the second batch is more reasonably priced (and people are still bidding).

The next thing I noticed is, sh*t, it costs a lot of money to ship things out. I underestimated the costs of shipping, even using the USPS calculator online. By the time you box and wrap things, something you estimated would be 7.00 turns out to be $8.09. How does THAT happen? And they say the USPS is going under. Geeze, they must be doing something wrong. Nope I guess it’s the gas for the planes and trucks etc, plus the salaries for the postal workers, that all adds up.

So, now I have developed an eye for looking at my “stuff” as a potential moneymaker. I have a goal of listing 5 things a day, and went gangbusters yesterday listing for today as well.

We’ll see how long this lasts.

oh, and the truck? It’s sold. Someone in Michigan is using it for a centerpiece for a party. Cool, eh?

Making progress

November 11, 2010

Hi Everyone
Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. But I HAVE been busy. I’m making progress on my life “to do” list. First let me remind you all of the three points on the list. 1. Lose weight 2. Establish some sort of budget, and 3. Declutter. I’m taking baby steps, but am happy about how it is going. First of all, I am back on a diet, prompted by my last physical where my GP actually said “why do I think you aren’t going to take my advice”. Now, them’s fighting words. So I am back on (recommend it highly) counting my calories as I eat. Down 3 pounds and counting. Many many many more to go, like 30. Well I know to some 30 doesn’t seem alot, but to this person who loves to eat, you might as well say 300, same dif. Check next to #1 on the list.

I just started listing items on eBay this week. I won’t tell you which ones etc, because this isn’t a plea for you to buy my stuff, but it is an admission to working on #’s 2 & 3 on the list at the same time. What better way to declutter than to try to pass it on to someone else (for money too!), AND to make extra money to be used as spending money? The listings will be over this weekend, so we will see if I am enticing enough people to buy my stuff so I can go see plays in New York City without feeling guilty. So put a check next to #’s 2 & 3 on the list.

Of course with the holidays coming up, the list checking and unchecking will be very active.

The Holidays are coming, The Holidays are coming

November 4, 2010

Prometheus at Rockefeller Center

Bergdorf's window for Thanksgiving

It’s November 4th, and you know what that means. Holiday time. I like Thanksgiving. It’s the least stressful of the winter holidays. I always volunteer to have it at my house, but that is definitely not saying much, I’ve never had a big crowd. Why? Everyone I know likes to be at their own house smelling their own turkey and homemade bread, and sitting around watching football with their family. And so it should be, really.

I was in New York City yesterday. I saw the picture of the turkey at Berdorf’s and thought it was kind of funny in a punny sort of way. Then I walked some more down 5th avenue and saw that Juicy Couture was getting their window ready for the holidays, and snapped the picture of the dummies waiting in anticipation for the holidays.

Rockefeller Center has it’s “ice on”, so there are early skaters on the rink, but no decorations as yet. All of New York City is on the cusp of the holiday, but not quite there yet. Any day now.