The Holidays are coming, The Holidays are coming

Prometheus at Rockefeller Center

Bergdorf's window for Thanksgiving

It’s November 4th, and you know what that means. Holiday time. I like Thanksgiving. It’s the least stressful of the winter holidays. I always volunteer to have it at my house, but that is definitely not saying much, I’ve never had a big crowd. Why? Everyone I know likes to be at their own house smelling their own turkey and homemade bread, and sitting around watching football with their family. And so it should be, really.

I was in New York City yesterday. I saw the picture of the turkey at Berdorf’s and thought it was kind of funny in a punny sort of way. Then I walked some more down 5th avenue and saw that Juicy Couture was getting their window ready for the holidays, and snapped the picture of the dummies waiting in anticipation for the holidays.

Rockefeller Center has it’s “ice on”, so there are early skaters on the rink, but no decorations as yet. All of New York City is on the cusp of the holiday, but not quite there yet. Any day now.


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