Making progress

Hi Everyone
Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. But I HAVE been busy. I’m making progress on my life “to do” list. First let me remind you all of the three points on the list. 1. Lose weight 2. Establish some sort of budget, and 3. Declutter. I’m taking baby steps, but am happy about how it is going. First of all, I am back on a diet, prompted by my last physical where my GP actually said “why do I think you aren’t going to take my advice”. Now, them’s fighting words. So I am back on (recommend it highly) counting my calories as I eat. Down 3 pounds and counting. Many many many more to go, like 30. Well I know to some 30 doesn’t seem alot, but to this person who loves to eat, you might as well say 300, same dif. Check next to #1 on the list.

I just started listing items on eBay this week. I won’t tell you which ones etc, because this isn’t a plea for you to buy my stuff, but it is an admission to working on #’s 2 & 3 on the list at the same time. What better way to declutter than to try to pass it on to someone else (for money too!), AND to make extra money to be used as spending money? The listings will be over this weekend, so we will see if I am enticing enough people to buy my stuff so I can go see plays in New York City without feeling guilty. So put a check next to #’s 2 & 3 on the list.

Of course with the holidays coming up, the list checking and unchecking will be very active.


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