Less stuff-an addiction of selling


Ok, I have to admit it now, I am addicted to selling on eBay. It’s just been a week, and already I check my sales every nano second. We all know, like George W. Bush, I have a “habitual personality”. He towards drinking, and me towards, well anything but drinking. Spending, collecting, eating, talking, embellishing, writing, on and on it goes. So now I am addicted to making my paypal account increase (which I also check every nano second) by selling stuff on eBay.

Selling is a funny thing. First of all, I decided to not put emotions to the thing, but logic. If I hadn’t worn it, or looked at it in years, it’s gone. I didn’t miss it, so I won’t miss it is my motto. Secondly I have asked my husband not to comment on my eBay selling. I don’t want anyone second guessing the money aspect of it. In other words if something sells for X I don’t need anyone to say over my shoulder “that should have sold for Y”. It is what it is. Thirdly, I decided to try to develop of “look” of things first, so that if someone does peruse the site they can see what kind of things I may have in the future, the old “I like her choice of clothes, so I’ll bookmark her for later” psychology.

I already attracted a stalker person, who has bid, cancelled, bid, won and then begged off. I knew this stalker person was a stalker from her first bid on, and contacted eBay to see if there was something they could do to pre-empt her winning her first win, but they couldn’t. It’s almost like you can’t prevent anyone of doing wrong until they prove your suspicions and actually do wrong. How did I know she was a stalker person? A) she has no feedback and just started (and I will give her some slack on that) and b) she calls me “chica” when she emails and uses caps randomly. eww. And it has dawned on me that “she” might be a “he” as well, because of bidding choices.

I also noticed that there are “flippers” on eBay, which is OK. They will bid on your stuff and you know they will sell it in their resale shops either brick and mortar, or on eBay. That has prompted me to move my opening bids up slightly. So the first batch of stuff people got relatively cheaply, and now the second batch is more reasonably priced (and people are still bidding).

The next thing I noticed is, sh*t, it costs a lot of money to ship things out. I underestimated the costs of shipping, even using the USPS calculator online. By the time you box and wrap things, something you estimated would be 7.00 turns out to be $8.09. How does THAT happen? And they say the USPS is going under. Geeze, they must be doing something wrong. Nope I guess it’s the gas for the planes and trucks etc, plus the salaries for the postal workers, that all adds up.

So, now I have developed an eye for looking at my “stuff” as a potential moneymaker. I have a goal of listing 5 things a day, and went gangbusters yesterday listing for today as well.

We’ll see how long this lasts.

oh, and the truck? It’s sold. Someone in Michigan is using it for a centerpiece for a party. Cool, eh?


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