Nook Color

Santa wanted to buy me an e-reader for Christmas. I decided on the NookColor. This is a love letter to the electronic device. I love to read, an am usually reading two or three books at once. However, I never am able to finish any of them. Why? I get distracted easily, I am doing many things at once, I can’t find where I left the book, I have down time but not the book, you name it….Well, since I have the attention span of a gnat, the Nook Color satisfies all of my “attentions”. First of all, I can “buy” books, magazines and newspapers, and have them all at my fingertips, and conveniently located in my purse. Should I only want to read something light hearted, I can take my Nook and read Reader’s Digest, and feel optimistic about life as I read “Humor in Uniform”, or I can tap on the Nook and change over to Family Circle magazine and drool over the sticky cinnamon buns, then I can go back to reading Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie. (I couldn’t believe that I could buy 50 classic books for $8.00!) I have done more “buckshot” reading in the last few days than in all of the previous months combined. I am in pig heaven. Oh, and if I want to know if anyone has sent me an email, I can check that too! I thought I wouldn’t be an e-reader owner, that I would be someone who would miss holding “the book”. Trust me, I still have stacks of “books” to read, as I do collect the written word as well. I am drawn to books whether real or virtual.


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