Going back to where I worked

As most of you know I just retired in July. I have been back to work (school) a couple of times, and am costuming their spring musical, Cabaret. You know what is amazing? I don’t miss it at all. Everyone there wants to know if I miss “it” or “them”. I tell them all that I definitely don’t miss “it”, and I don’t miss “them” because I keep in touch with “them”, and will because they are my friends, regardless of “it”. I taught for close to 35 years. Loved every minute, and gave it 110%. I was dedicated to not only my students but their parents and community. I worked harder than most (one of the reasons that Governor Christie’s attacks against teachers rubs me the wrong way), and volunteered my time to help the students and the school “family”. That said, since I was in the “moment”, when I left, I felt that I could give 110% to my retirement in the same way while being in the retirement “moment”. I don’t live in the past ever, most probably because my brain isn’t big enough to categorize the experiences in that way. Regret and guilt, are wasted sentiments IMHO. Sweet memories are extended by embracing the people involved as friends. Case in point: When I left two of my former students were my colleagues, one was my supervisor. We still communicate and see each other, but in the present tense. I never treated them as “past students” but as colleagues and contemporaries. We shared a past, present and future. Sweet memories indeed!
Now working as a costumer for the show, I have enlisted one of my students who is in college to give her the full costuming experience. Yet, I can do this when I want, at my own pace, without the confinement of bells, clocks, and restrictions. The best way I can describe my retirement experience to young teachers is this: You know how you look forward to a “snow day”? Well it’s a snow day everyday for me.


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