This is my world right now, snow for the second day in a row.
Yesterday I did the snowblowing, today my husband did it. We have different snowblowing techniques. I must admit I do my technique intuitively, up and down, and maybe I switch my ups with my downs. Perhaps in my dreamy state I don’t pay attention and find myself in reverse being shoved against a snow berm. Or maybe when going down hill, I am dragged by the machine instead of being in control. But all in all the driveway gets cleared. Yesterday while snowblowing I noticed him in the window of the livingroom gesturing wildly. Obviously I am a snowblowing anarchist. The last time I did the snowblowing, he almost had a heart attack watching me, so when I got in, he had drawn a map of the obvious way I should snowblow. My sister suggested at the time that I send the map to the Jets for the playoff game. So yesterday, he was not amused that I did not follow the map. When I finished he said “you were painful to watch” to which I added “so were you”. So today, he took over the reigns, and off he went in his little rows, diligently following the map, down one way, blowing the snow to the left, up the other way, blowing the snow to the right, then into tighter concentric circles as you get to the carport area. I was on clean up duty, picking up the scraps, tidying up. Fine with me.


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