Miss Kitty

We aren’t going to Ireland. Leaving to move to Ireland at this point in time would be like jumping from the frying pan (America’s economy) to the fire (Ireland’s economy). If you keep up with what is happening in Ireland, their government is in chaos, and so is their economy. Experts say it may take years to recover. Personally, while moving to Ireland has it’s romantic side, it is also frought with “what if’s”, including my husband’s health, not to mention mine (nothing yet, but you never know with my family history of heart attacks). I would worry about their socialized medicine, “get in line” type of treatment (although the US might be heading to something similar). That, plus the bottom line was I couldn’t bring my beloved cat. Well, I could, but it would require everything from microchipping her to a two stage rabies shot intervention, and quarantine. Somehow I don’t think my 14 year old cat would survive the ordeal starting with the flight. So, as my sister would say “damn, I had plans on visiting you in Ireland”, I am passing the word, that we are not making the move.

I am encouraged by the fact that the US is big enough that if we decide it is too expensive to live on the east coast, we could certainly find a million small towns in America that would welcome us in retirement.

So that’s the latest gang. You aren’t getting rid of me anytime soon.


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