This is called The Frankfurt Kitchen 1927 from the recent exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art: Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen.

Yesterday was a “city” day for me. I went to the Museum of Modern Art for a short visit. When I visit museums I only go see one show at a time. I am member of all of the museums so that I can “museum hop” without feeling pressure to see everything for the entrance fee. This exhibit had kitchen utensils from the 20’s that were considered modern, like the Chemex Coffee Maker, blenders, hard-boiled egg slicers, juicers. It also had a small kitchen set up, called the Frankfurt Kitchen-1927. Every space was thought out from the bins in the right of the picture, which would hold flour, rice, sugar, to the rack on the top left of the picture that would be where you would put your plates. I loved how everything was compact, simple, and stark and accentuated by the shadows.

On the way to the Museum of Modern Art, I stopped by Times Square to watch as they filmed a sequence for an upcoming movie with Robert DeNiro called “New Year’s Eve”. It’s fun to see how mundane filmmaking actually is, a lot of “hang around and wait” if you are an extra. New York being New York everyone is nonplussed by the filming.

And on the way to the restaurant after the museum, I stopped by David Letterman’s stage door to watch Alec Baldwin arrive in his limo.

Just your average day in NYC


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