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National Day of Puppetry 4/23

April 23, 2011

So grab a puppet and give it life!


Today’s my birthday

April 22, 2011

I’m 62 today. Weird. I remember my mother at 62, and while I am sure she felt like I do today, she didn’t look like how I feel to me. I feel young, and live my life the way I want to (within reason considering life is about compromises especially if you are married). I wear clothes made by Helen (, have an odd sense of humor, make puppets, and spend a lot of time in New York City going to Broadway plays, walking the Highline, and perusing museums, all the while living my life in a one of kind house in New Jersey. (see the Spiderman climbing the wall behind my portrait? Catch the moustache on the mirror in the guest bathroom?). Between sorting out faux fur for my puppets, costuming local productions, my face is buried in my Nook reading the Times, or Bossypants by Tina Fey. Could my many interests and passions be a result of being childless? Perhaps. When I think of my mother at 62, she was obsessed with her grandchildren, although by then she wasn’t seeing them as much as she did when they were younger. Her life interests revolved around my Dad, or domestic activities (hey, I cook, sew, crochet, knit, too. I am most proud of my 10 pairs of homemade socks that I wear). The women of her generation (by and large) considered their role as “supporters of their husbands and mother to their children” and they threw themselves into it. While they were not what is now considered “helicopter” parents, we, as children, were not necessarily “pushed” into anything more than “go outside and play”. As a baby boomer, I am the recipient of a mother who made sure I had 3 square meals, clean clothes, developed manners, guilt and respect, did my homework, and prepared to do my part in life. I wonder if at 62, when I was 40, if she looked at my life and thought, “I remember being 40, and I know what she is feeling right now, but when I look at her I don’t understand why she looks and acts differently than I did”.

Back from being on the road

April 8, 2011

Sunset at 55 mph

For the past month I have been a passenger in a car driven by my husband on a road trip. My husband is a wonderful photographer, who in retirement has found his true passion. After working in a cold sterile industry as a scientist, he has been given a second life as a photographer of nature. So, he wanted to expand his visual vocabulary into other environments. His goal was to drive down to the Florida Keys, up through the panhandle, visit a Flickr friend in the Niceville, Florida, then continue up to the Smoky Mountains, through North Carolina and home again, home again. On the way down we stopped in the OBX, (who knew that meant the Outter Banks?).

Me? I read my Nook, took some pictures, and scratched itchy bug bites. I tried the sharing driving thing, but am a nervous driver (and twice as nervous as a passenger), and made my poor husband nervous for the entire trip. So, he drove.

Oh, and we Motel 6’d and McDonalds the whole way. Do we know how to live or WHAT?!

Retirement has it’s perks and compromises. We now travel on the cheap. Which reminds me, all whom we saw traveling were retirees, or busses of field trip students, or home schoolers. Everyone else is doing the part of their life called “working”. Been there, done that.