Back from being on the road

Sunset at 55 mph

For the past month I have been a passenger in a car driven by my husband on a road trip. My husband is a wonderful photographer, who in retirement has found his true passion. After working in a cold sterile industry as a scientist, he has been given a second life as a photographer of nature. So, he wanted to expand his visual vocabulary into other environments. His goal was to drive down to the Florida Keys, up through the panhandle, visit a Flickr friend in the Niceville, Florida, then continue up to the Smoky Mountains, through North Carolina and home again, home again. On the way down we stopped in the OBX, (who knew that meant the Outter Banks?).

Me? I read my Nook, took some pictures, and scratched itchy bug bites. I tried the sharing driving thing, but am a nervous driver (and twice as nervous as a passenger), and made my poor husband nervous for the entire trip. So, he drove.

Oh, and we Motel 6’d and McDonalds the whole way. Do we know how to live or WHAT?!

Retirement has it’s perks and compromises. We now travel on the cheap. Which reminds me, all whom we saw traveling were retirees, or busses of field trip students, or home schoolers. Everyone else is doing the part of their life called “working”. Been there, done that.


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