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First Cherry Tomato

June 22, 2011

Oh My!


The Enemy

June 20, 2011

Colorado Potato Beetle Larvae

At first I thought I was lucky and had 16 ladybugs on my tomato plant. Well, if you have bifocals, you know you have to adjust your head in a way that puts things in the right focus and ultimately the right perspective. I asked a more seasoned gardener what she thought these little guys were and she immediately identified them as the Colorado Potato Beetle Larvae and told me to squish them and take them off, all 16 of them! She said it was because my 1 plant of the variety of Patio, had “potato leaves”. The larvae weren’t on any other tomato plants that I could see. Thank goodness I go everyday (or sometimes I skip a day) because these little guys weren’t there in this form two days ago. I have since read that they were most probably in a different form on the underside of the leaves. So, as I squished them and took them off I said outloud “oh, I don’t think so” in the same voice that I used when teaching high school students and they would be thinking of challenging me in some way. Ha! Cracked myself up.

Garden Update

June 14, 2011

Everything is going fine so far. We have large green tomato plants with fruit, and our beans are slowly growing. The location, A9 is ideal, we have a source of water right at the corner of our plot. We go everyday to weed and check things out. We finally got the large tomato cages on, it took 3 trips with 4 cages, as they were too big to put more than 4 in and on the car at once. Being on an old dairy farm, the plots are blessed with unobstructed sun. Everyone asks about the color and size of the plants. Two words: Chicken poo.

Depression, Life and Death through the eyes of my cat

June 13, 2011

Miss Kitty has been a member of our family for 10 years. We rescued her from an urban pound at the age of 3+. So, at 13+, she is what could be considered “mature”. We introduced her to the outside after about 1 year, and all of her appropriate shots. She loved the outdoors. Perhaps living in a cage, in a room full of cages, made her love the freedom, smells, and excitement of outdoors all the more. Then one day, she got bit by a fox, and required 22 stitches. Selfishly, I didn’t let her out again. Years passed and I noticed that the fire left her eyes, and she spent all day sleeping. She hardly ate, although she had plenty of opportunity to do so. She sat in the window looking out. She became obsessive with us, and if we left for a couple of hours she mourned and was clingy when we got back. She was clearly depressed. Who knew cats could get depressed? Within the last 2 years I have been allowing her back outside again with the proviso that she does not stay out all night (when foxes are active in our community). She is alive again. Everyday she runs and jumps around as if she were a kitten. She brings countless presents of moles, chipmonks and squirrels in to us. (We have a Havaheart trap, and return the live ones). She eats three times as much as she used to, and still maintains her girly figure. She purrs like a champ. Her fur is full and shiny, her eyes sparkle with life. In her own way she has told me that you have to be IN life, not watching life through the window.

Summer in the city

June 9, 2011

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei

New York is filled with surprises from Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s zodiac sculpture near the Plaza Hotel,or public spaces down by Cooper Union. It’s also packed this time of year with tourists and it is hard to navigate the streets. But whenever I travel I always try to capture images that show the quiet of the place, as if I were there alone.

A Banner for our Puppetry Guild

June 2, 2011

Garden State Puppetry Guild Banner-

I am working on The Garden State Puppetry Guild banner. 4 of us are going to the National Puppetry Festival in July and will represent our guild with this banner. This year they asked guilds to march behind their banners. (yeah, I hear you, I am not a “behind the banner marcher” kinda person, but hey, what the heck). It is not measured or sewn down as yet, but just felt placed on felt. I had to have everyone approve it, and now will undertake the job of sewing everything down. The “logo” was established already so I just “translated” it into felt. Just thought I would share.