The Enemy

Colorado Potato Beetle Larvae

At first I thought I was lucky and had 16 ladybugs on my tomato plant. Well, if you have bifocals, you know you have to adjust your head in a way that puts things in the right focus and ultimately the right perspective. I asked a more seasoned gardener what she thought these little guys were and she immediately identified them as the Colorado Potato Beetle Larvae and told me to squish them and take them off, all 16 of them! She said it was because my 1 plant of the variety of Patio, had “potato leaves”. The larvae weren’t on any other tomato plants that I could see. Thank goodness I go everyday (or sometimes I skip a day) because these little guys weren’t there in this form two days ago. I have since read that they were most probably in a different form on the underside of the leaves. So, as I squished them and took them off I said outloud “oh, I don’t think so” in the same voice that I used when teaching high school students and they would be thinking of challenging me in some way. Ha! Cracked myself up.


One Response to “The Enemy”

  1. Margie Says:

    “I don’t think so!” either. You’re a smart cookie.

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