The miracle of growing-garden update

I am so excited about the garden. Why? Because unlike other mundane day-to-day activities, the garden actually is different every time you look at it. It is a living breathing entity, that changes as it grows. It supports a host of other living things, from potato larvae (boo) to lady bugs (yeah). It will sustain me when the plants offer up their produce. Going to the garden is life affirming. Everywhere you look there are patches of green plants that others’ have tended. Birds are continually swooping down, and posing on our tomato cages. Butterflies, moths, bees flit from plant to flower. Occasionally I see another gardener bent over, weeding and tending, perhaps even talking to their plants. The Garden Master, is ever present waiting for any early produce to be donated. I see from the chart that pounds of peas have already found their way to local soup kitchens. The Childrens’ Garden has signs painted from the individual classrooms declaring ownership of their plots. It is great fun to roam through the community garden to see what is growing from net covered blueberry plants, to plants used to dye wools by a serious knitter.


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