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Hurricane thoughts

August 29, 2011

Mother Nature decided to shake up our world with a small earthquake, and then this weekend, a hurricane. And as so often happens, a tree fell. In our case although it was in the middle of the night, we heard it. Actually it split in two, and hit our garage, and our neighbor’s back deck, destroying his small gazebo, but not his house.

So of course, I had to make lemonade out of the situation and take a shadow picture or two. And, of course I took a picture of the lemon on my lemon tree. (which we dragged inside prior to the hurricane). I know, it doesn’t make much sense, but neither does a hurricane inland in New Jersey.


Taking a break from the tomato factory

August 20, 2011

We are working as fast as we can.

August 20, 2011

Our tomato plants are producing tomatoes, and consequently we are producing canned tomatoes, lasagna, spaghetti sauce, pizza, bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches…..

Summer Alphabet Fat Book

August 10, 2011

I am in an altered book group making a 4 x 4 inch fatbook. The theme was an alphabet book for the summertime. We each picked at least one letter. I did back to back G & H. I am not by nature an “embellisher”, preferring to collage images and engineer through pop ups. These are due to the person who is making all the covers next week. I just put one together today to see what I needed to do in terms of “making it work”. All the bugs were worked out and now I can assemble them this weekend to send them out on Monday.

Flowers, onions, tomatoes, new crop and a rabbit.

August 5, 2011

As I strolled through the community garden today I took some pictures. We have members who just grow flowers, while some gardeners have sunflowers on their perimeters. One gardener had huge onions that I just had to photograph, along with the rabbit who was happily hopping along the garden paths. Our garden is yielding many tomatoes, Sweet 110’s, Early Girl and Celebrity. We pulled out our beans when they were finished and added zuchinni plants.