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September 30, 2011

See, I know how!


Evidence of Icarus

September 25, 2011

I’m thinking a lot about Icarus lately in this politically charged climate. I see our President as a youthful Icarus, flying enthusiastically through the heavens, without a lot of experience. In the myth about Icarus, his father, the talented craftsman, Daedulus, warns his son not to go too close to the sun, or too close to the sea, but to stay in the middle atmosphere. Alas, Icarus doesn’t heed his father’s warning, and flies too close to the sun. He plummets as he becomes undone by melting wax and unhinged feathers. Was he drawn to the sun like a moth to a flame? Was he so filled with youthful exuberance that he neglected to see the boundaries set by wiser men? Was he so sure that he would be the one to conquer the sun and fly past the danger? I think when history records President Obama’s legacy these questions will be asked.

Fall is here

September 15, 2011

A cold front came through, and it’s in the 60’s. For someone who is having a private summer going on inside her body, this is a godsend. I went to the garden today and took pictures of a pumpkin patch that a kindergarten class planted many months ago, and now, voila, it’s pumpkin time!

Walking for my heart

September 13, 2011

OK, it’s been a year. I have to get up off my “fanny” and start walking. I am not good at exercising, but I can walk, and quite enjoy it. I don’t enjoy it though when the weather is sticky, when the mosquitoes know my name, and when the temperature is through the roof. Fall and cooler weather have arrived, and at 9 am, I join the ranks of dog walkers, joggers, and stay at home moms who are out there walking. The rest of the world is at work or in school or perhaps even still sleeping. My pace is slow, but I know it will quicken up. I just need to keep my mind occupied so that this walking-thing doesn’t become just a temporary engagement. So, I bring my camera to amuse myself.

Retirement=small daily goals

September 4, 2011

Retirement is weird. All your life you wish you could stop working when the going got tough. When for the umpteenth time you sat through the umpteenth meeting, and heard the same speech but through someone else’s mouth. When you have to (in my case) remember that it is the first time “for them” but the 35th year for you. When your body says, “it’s been swell, but enough already”. When your head says “I’m not being challenged enough anymore, I need to break out into something new”. Then you retire. You have all the time in the world, while not necessarily all the money or support in the world (which is how your fantasy retirement was figured out in your imagination). The first thing that happened in my case is I just wanted to sit down. I stood for 35 years. I just wanted to read something not related to my job. I was always reading journals, newspapers, and books about my profession. I just wanted to take time and “smell the roses”. I was always running running running. It’s been a year. I try to take stock of doing at least one thing a day. Sounds minimal and it is. But if I can do the laundry, or take the car for an oil change, or pay bills, I remind myself that I used to do all of that in ONE day (usually a Saturday) before the treadmill of life started on Monday. I manage to do more than one thing a day naturally, I am an A personality after all. I do need to break down and do the one thing I HATE to do a day too. (Haven’t done much of that, I must admit). I need to realize that I will be passing on within the next 10 years, and someone (ME) needs to go through all of the stuff and start weeding out. I started briefly (another blog entry) by selling stuff on eBay. I stopped because it started to become a JOB (which if I wanted a JOB, I would actually have stayed doing what I was doing, because I was good at it, and enjoyed it). I need to actually CLEAN. Not the surface cleaning we do for company or the holidays, but the moving the boxes, and woah, look into them and under them kinda cleaning. I can’t bring myself to do that quite yet. But know I will have to. I look around and see my life in all kinds of objects from the floor loom in the livingroom, to the piles of clothing in the bedroom, to the bookshelves crowded with all kinds of titles. It’s time. I just have to remember not to get overwhelmed and just take it one day at a time.

Here I am…it a pair of pants I made last week to go with a “Husk” that my favorite fiber artist Helen of Secret Lentil made. Perhaps I should start by cleaning the mirror.