Walking for my heart

OK, it’s been a year. I have to get up off my “fanny” and start walking. I am not good at exercising, but I can walk, and quite enjoy it. I don’t enjoy it though when the weather is sticky, when the mosquitoes know my name, and when the temperature is through the roof. Fall and cooler weather have arrived, and at 9 am, I join the ranks of dog walkers, joggers, and stay at home moms who are out there walking. The rest of the world is at work or in school or perhaps even still sleeping. My pace is slow, but I know it will quicken up. I just need to keep my mind occupied so that this walking-thing doesn’t become just a temporary engagement. So, I bring my camera to amuse myself.


One Response to “Walking for my heart”

  1. Larry Russo Says:

    LOL – I love your shadow photos – I’ll bet with a series of them you can present a show – lol

    I too hate the heat, sweat and my personal bug collection has left me with marks all over my arms and legs – it’s gross. BUT in the fall – when all the leaves are colorful and the air is DRY and cool, deep blue sky and warm sun – NO HUMIDITY – then I love to take my walks.

    -sometimes I even stop to smell the roses


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