Evidence of Icarus

I’m thinking a lot about Icarus lately in this politically charged climate. I see our President as a youthful Icarus, flying enthusiastically through the heavens, without a lot of experience. In the myth about Icarus, his father, the talented craftsman, Daedulus, warns his son not to go too close to the sun, or too close to the sea, but to stay in the middle atmosphere. Alas, Icarus doesn’t heed his father’s warning, and flies too close to the sun. He plummets as he becomes undone by melting wax and unhinged feathers. Was he drawn to the sun like a moth to a flame? Was he so filled with youthful exuberance that he neglected to see the boundaries set by wiser men? Was he so sure that he would be the one to conquer the sun and fly past the danger? I think when history records President Obama’s legacy these questions will be asked.



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