Just a thought. When times got tough and the Romans had a big population to keep occupied, they made large colosseums where the tickets were cheap and the thrills were high. Gladiators, Christians, criminals, animals all became the focus of the entertainment. People in the stands were just happy it wasn’t them as they cheered and jeered. Fast forward to our times. TV has turned into a veritable colosseum where we sit back at home and watch as assorted humans are put through the paces. Granted they volunteered and granted they aren’t killed, but the behavior borders on cruel and embarrassing, while we sit at home and cheer for our favorites. Will Carson Kresley become a better dancer? Will Snooky fall down drunk once again? Why was Mondo robbed of being the winner on Project Runway? When our attention is focused on reality shows, we are diverted from thinking about what needs to be done to make our world a better place. And I am not talking about “the world” in such a sense that it becomes overwhelming “like the WHOLE world”??, but your immediate world; your next door neighbor, a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, your spouse, your community. Or maybe your intellectual world, taking the time we watch these innocuous shows and read a book, or perhaps research something you always wanted to know about, maybe writing some poetry, taking time to do something with your hands and head, like crafting of some sort, making art, taking photos. Reality Shows give us the false impression that one can be famous instantly, not unlike being the best gladiator in the fight. Infamous maybe, but making a difference? Hardly.


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