Oh Silly Me!

Conan O’Brien hosted his tv show from New York City the first week of November. As a publicity generator he had an art show at Columbus Circle. The art was very eclectic and lovingly made for him by his fans. At the conclusion of the art show, the exhibit had a “love couch” which was Coco’s (his nickname)way of hugging those of us who visited the art gallery. You simply sat on this couch, received hugs as the arms came in around you (a bit like a Pee Wee Herman couch) and the couch vibrated and talked to you. As that was going on, they took your picture and you were given a copy. I immediately “assumed the position” of how I watch Conan at 11:00 pm on our TBS channel. Of course everyone was much amused and out came all their cell phones as they took my picture having my picture taken.


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