pssssssst. Guess what? I will be going to regular exercise classes for 13 weeks at the local Y starting Monday. I know, I know. I’m shocked too. Well, what happened is that my friend Bobbi (of the yarn Christmas present surprise), who is undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer, asked if I would join her in a Live Strong program at the Y for cancer survivors. Moi? Exercise? or even more importantly, I “survived” cancer from over 24 years ago. So, I assured my friend I would follow through and call the Y, and before you know it, a very accommodating, enthusiastic trainer, Sherrie, signed me up. She wasn’t concerned about how long my cancer has been “cured”, she was more concerned about Bobbi’s health, and how I could contribute to that as well as make myself healthier. It turns out this class puts Bobbi and I in a study, so we will be helping others as well. Now where oh where are my sneakers?


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