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I haven’t fallen off the earth….I’m costuming

February 22, 2012

I’ve been silent lately. Sorry. Busy working on costumes for my old school’s musical, EVITA. The piece goes up the third week of March, but I am scurrying around buying clothes at the local thrift stores and on eBay, and making pieces. I also rented some blue blazers from our local university’s costume department, and redoing them to look like 9 dress uniforms. I also converted 9 party store policemen’s hats to dress hats to go with the uniforms. The director and I went to the TDF sale in NYC this summer and picked up a lot of stuff, cheap. They were moving their costumes to Queens, and decided to clear out some of their inventory. So, for $20 a bag, you could stuff as many costumes as you wanted. I went two days and brought a total of 4 bags home on the subway. Really helped us out. Got the 9 pairs of white pants, some military uniforms, a nun’s habit, and a cape we will convert over to a cardinal’s cape (with the additional use of 250 coffee filters for the ruff…don’t ask). Of course everything for the cast of 27 has to be fitted and hemmed, so that is what I am doing. What sustains me while I am sewing is that Murder She Wrote is on during the day with back to back episodes, and nothing makes me happier than watching Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher. Of course, when the original series came out, I thought she was old, and turns out she was younger than I am now…but that’s another story for another day….Back to hemming sleeves….



February 5, 2012

If you are a cancer survivor, check your local YMCA for the program. It is for cancer survivors at any stage. I am a 24 year out survivor and they embraced me. My group, 10 strong, is coed and composed of some very brave individuals, all willing to get stronger at the Y. Our trainers are very gentle, yet very encouraging in pushing us to do our physical best. We have just completed the 3rd class. The first classes were to acquaint us with the facilities and to have us each be tested for our max on the equipment. I am the strongest because I am not undergoing treatment and haven’t for the longest time. Our group has people at a variety of stages, most less than 5 years out, most with recurrences. One was a student of mine, and he had cancer when he was in my school. He has grown up to be a great young man, a college graduate, a tennis teacher, blessed to be supported by his incredible family. He speaks highly of his mother who dedicated her life to his recovery. He also mentions his thanks to God. All of the people in the group are eager to tell war stories, and just as eager to speak about their survival and dreams. I am moved by their honesty, courage, and hope.