I’m back!


That’s the site that has pictures of the costumes. Just wanted to put it up.
I’m busy undoing and categorizing the costumes.
More in a few days because now I’m getting ready for The National Day of Puppetry April 21st. I’m teaching and doing a shadow puppet show….


3 Responses to “I’m back!”

  1. Angelia Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I teach art and the spring is always a time for the shows, so keeps us busy getting things ready.

    • rtlvr Says:

      Oh, I remember those spring days. I taught art for over 35 years on the high school level. I did develop a system for putting up art shows where the advanced art students were responsible for hanging their own work, and that helped out a lot. I only had to hang and display the other 80% of the work that was from the other students. Art shows were not only a sign of spring, but a sign that the year was winding down.

  2. Alex Furukawa Says:

    Unrelated, but I just wanted to thank you for your comment on the recent Eat the Damn Cake post about “co-independency.” Here’s what I commented there:

    San D, your comment was the biggest takeaway for me from this post (not to slight Fraylie). I read the post because I expected the hook to lead to a deconstruction of OkCupid, not necessarily advice about how to be in a mature relationship.

    I think that learning to be comfortable alone is one of the most important things in our Facebook-obsessed, ultra-popularity-contest American culture. It’s something I’m going through right now. So, I appreciate the topic coming up in this post!

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