Leo The Magician-Shadow Puppet Show

On Saturday April 21, the Garden State Puppetry Guild held their annual festival for National Puppetry Day. We convened at the Ted Blum 4-H center, and gave puppetry classes in the morning and shows in the afternoon. Our theme this year was “The Magic of Puppetry”, and so I designed a shadow puppet show about a magician, Leo. I wrote a poem in couplets, prerecorded it, and had Leo do tricks to the poetry. A fellow puppeteer took pictures of some of the tricks. Leo turned his magic wand into a bouquet of flowers, he had the audience pick a card and he guessed it, he then pulled a rabbit and a cow out of his hat, then he cut a woman in half, and lastly he got locked in a box and disappeared. If you haven’t seen shadow puppets before, they are fully articulated and actually move. The puppeteer works them from behind the screen. Go to the posts under this one to see the pictures.


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