Where I’ve been

We took a road trip to Florida. Visited Port St. Lucie, Fort Myers, and Titusville. Looking at real estate. Didn’t buy anything, just looked. It’s amazing what is available out there. I have to say that it was hot as heck, and when we go down again it will be in the fall. But while I was there I saw lots of wildlife. Kurt took a lot of pictures. This is his photostream:


2 Responses to “Where I’ve been”

  1. Alison Nead Says:

    Hi San D – My name is Alison and I am good friends with Peter Nevargic. I found your comment and blog via “Eat the Damn Cake” which I also subscribe to. I’d heard your name so many times and when I saw your screen name on a comment, my curiosity made me look you up. It’s nice to finally put a face to the name I’ve heard so much about!

  2. rtlvr Says:

    Hi Alison! Nice to meet you. Kate is my cousin in law’s daughter, and I have seen her grow up from a breast feeding infant (Her mother is very involved with Leleche League), to a homeschooled kid, to a young married woman. Peter and I are “eye rolling” buddies from school. Obviously he directed the plays, and I did the costumes for some of them. I say “eye rolling” buddies because we have the same sensibilities in life, think the same things are funny, and get incensed at the other things!

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