What I have been doing.

Buying real estate is very trying. We are looking to buy a retirement place in Florida. We think we have the  place. Those of you who know me, know the story. Strangers, sorry, no details. Can’t be too careful in life. This post is about the waiting. It’s the hardest part. We put a bid on it, and now we wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. So while I wait, I have been making these Ginger Snap pins.  They crack me up. Between the hair the the breasts (which if you notice are snaps), I crack myself up. Most likely will be giving these to the women I am working with on a puppetry project. Or maybe I will be giving them to my cancer buddies. All I know is that they are addicting to make.


Of course they all don’t have snaps for boobs. Some have beads, others have just fabric…whatever I have around.

All are considered “gingers”, that is to say they have red hair.

Each quilted in the crazy quilt style.


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