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Self confidence is timeless

August 27, 2012

I wore this over my linen pants to go on a house tour in a distinctly artsy but Victorian town in New Jersey called Ocean Grove. While I was waiting for others on the tour, a lovely woman in her 90’s with low slung unbridled breasts, dressed in a tie dyed prairie dress, with an appropriate shawl, and lipstick smeared all over her face, with bright blue eyeshadow, and an outrageous hat, came up to me and in her best denture slipping voice said “you look marvelous, keep it up sweetie”. Coming from her, the original “I am who I am woman”, I was quite flattered.


Our Pond in the summer time

August 8, 2012

When we built our house, we put a  pond in front instead of a raised bed flower garden, which was our first intent. The pond has generated a whole new ecology in our front yard, from the dragonflies, to the squirrels, raccoons, and deer to these beautiful water hyacinths. The husband wintered over last year’s water hyacinths in the basement. As he was working on the tub enclosure with grow lights, I stood by and poo poo’d his effort, with the notion that you could buy new plants cheaper than the manhours it took to build the winter sanctuary for the plants. Look how gorgeous the plants look! As usual, he was right!

Busy as ever

August 6, 2012

I am helping a fellow puppeteer who is applying for a  Henson grant. She is doing a puppet show about a survivor from the Holocaust who was hidden under a farmer’s barn for two years. I am the shadow puppet artist for the piece, and my puppets represent the barn and the occupants, chickens, cows, etc. The handpuppets appear under the shadow puppet screen, in the bunker.