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We got the house!

September 20, 2012

We are presently in Florida at our new townhouse. It is more beautiful in person, but that said, it is a lot of work. Work, meaning, buying appliances and getting utilities hooked up, etc. I know that most people would love to have that as a problem, furnishing and starting up a second home. I think about that a lot. How did we manage it? Can we manage it? Will we manage it. We will. Part of the equation of the “how”, is that we have no children. That gave us the ability to save money. Secondly, as we are both in retirement, we were able to get pensions from our jobs, and social security as well. We choose careers and occupations over the years that had a definied pension plan as well as one with matching savings into a 401K, and tried to be prudent, without sacrificing. That plus we have always cooked our own meals, and never eat out. If you know me personally you know I am a bit of a spendthrift, and love “things” “stuff”, and “traveling” and Secret Lentil (look her up on Etsy). So, somehow, magically I ended up in Florida with my husband. He takes great nature pictures and Florida is the place for him. (check out dah_professor on Flickr). We haven’t been able to “enjoy” the outdoors yet, because we are trying to get stuff ready for our next trip down with more stuff. We are painting, changing out locks, that sort of thing. Oh, and in September it is 90 degrees out…so that puts a bit of a crimp in my walking the neighborhood. Soon it will cool down…or so they tell me.


I want these please.

September 8, 2012

Back in the 60’s and 70’s you could buy these in Woolworth’s. I had them in many solid colors, plus this pair. I got married wearing these. I am looking to get a pair of these (or even the solid ones) again. They were comfortable, and geared towards old ladies. But guess what? I wore them then, and now that I AM an old lady I would wear them in a New York minute. Problem is, no Woolworth’s. Even greater problem, is IF anyone finds them, they won’t be $5.00 a pair! To all 6 people who might read this blog, if by any chance you find these in your travels, I wear a ladies size 7, and will gladly pay to¬† have them again no matter what the cost. Thanks!