I want these please.

Back in the 60’s and 70’s you could buy these in Woolworth’s. I had them in many solid colors, plus this pair. I got married wearing these. I am looking to get a pair of these (or even the solid ones) again. They were comfortable, and geared towards old ladies. But guess what? I wore them then, and now that I AM an old lady I would wear them in a New York minute. Problem is, no Woolworth’s. Even greater problem, is IF anyone finds them, they won’t be $5.00 a pair! To all 6 people who might read this blog, if by any chance you find these in your travels, I wear a ladies size 7, and will gladly pay to  have them again no matter what the cost. Thanks!


2 Responses to “I want these please.”

  1. Barbara Says:

    I am one of the 6 people who read this. I loved these shoes too! And, yes, I would love to have them again. I had them in all colors and wore them until they wore out. I am an old lady now too and would really love to find a pair! Even if I could find a worn out pair, I really think I would try to make them. They were wonderful shoes, cheap, comfy, good-looking.

  2. rtlvr Says:

    Guess what? I found them. On eBay. Unfortunately the person who makes them wants $55 for each pair! I remember buying them at Woolworth’s for less than $10 a pair. I’m still weighing whether or not I want to spend the money, because if memory serves, these don’t last THAT long!…and, thanks for being one of the 6 who read my blog!

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