Fall in central Florida

When I thought about moving to Florida, I worried I would miss the seasons, especially fall. I love the colors, crispness, and cornacopia of holidays from Halloween to Thanksgiving. I worried that Florida would be sunny all of the time (can you imagine?). I have been pleasantly surprised. Fall has arrived in Central Florida. Cool mornings with crunchy leaves and houses decorated with mums and pilgrims greet me for my daily walk. The local supermarket carries my favorite type of apple, macoun. For the first time in over 35 years, I actually had trick or treaters knocking on my door. I bought full sized candy bars in anticipation, and heard “you rock”, as each kid was overjoyed to be getting a real candy bar as compared to those specially shrunk bagged ones. Fall festivals abound in the area, and I was able to pick up to pots of muhly grass to plant by my front door at the local enchanted forest. And as if I am in an alternative universe, where I used to live, people are suffering without electricity, heat, water, and in some cases without their houses.


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