Aging and the F word

So while walking this morning I had some thoughts about aging. The first is that I always believed that your body was made to haul your mind around, and that shell will age faster than your mind. Well, HELLO, my mind is catching up to what everyone sees on the outside.

Frustrating. Yup, aging can be very frustrating. Particularly when you are trying to remember FACTS and FACES. Thank God for the internet, because as your mind frantically searches for clues, you can take what you can remember pose it into a question online and get the answer eventually. “Who is the actor that plays the surgeon on the AFLAC commercial, I know I know that face“. Seconds later after a quick Google search, the answer appears, FRANK WOOD.

Frightening. You begin to realize the essential truth about life, and that is what you have done in the past, or more importantly in my case, what has been done to you in the past, will come back and revist you. I just read a condensed version of a medical study that will be published in March that says that if you had your ovaries removed early on, you will suffer from memory loss earlier than most. Who knew my FRONTAL LOBES were attached to my ovaries? The study does say if you took hormone replacement, which I did, you will still suffer from memory loss but at a slower rate. Oh good.

Funny. Between my husband (who by the way didn’t have his ovaries removed at an early age) and I, we pride ourselves in having a single working brain. Our rhythms are such that we have each other’s back in the “brain department”. So the other morning, when we were taking a FIELD TRIP to do some birding and photography, he put in the coordinates of his destination into the GPS. Half asleep we started off, listening to “Jill” our GPS woman give us directions, following them dutifully lest she start haranguing us to “make a u-turn”. We arrived at our destination. It looked familiar. It was our own driveway.


4 Responses to “Aging and the F word”

  1. Linda Goldstein Says:

    You FORGOT how FREAKING annoying it is that young(er) people, who comprise most of the population (at least where I live) have the
    audacity…couldn’t remember a word starting in F to use, to think they will never be our age and ridicule us. It really makes me FURIOUS.

  2. rtlvr Says:

    FORTUNATELY for us, the younger people leave this sleepy town and so their presence is scarce, especially at the National Seashore. Only families and older people. The younger ones are hanging around the “cool” beaches like Cocoa Beach.

  3. Kate Says:

    Speaking as a younger person, I like to look ahead to what happens next, and you have always been an inspiration to me. Keep on aging so awesomely, please!

    • rtlvr Says:

      By the time you are my age, things will have changed so much in an older person’s life that maybe you won’t have to use any “F” words to describe them!

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