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Busted my butt!

June 22, 2013

Well, I did it. Yup, busted my butt. Worked like a dog moving, sorting, cleaning. Barely made a dent, but a dent none the less. In the process of working hard everyday I herniated a disc in my back and now I am rendered helpless. PLUS it hurts like a big dog! On the outside I look like a little old lady, and now with this physical limping thing with a cane I have going on, it’s official, I AM A LITTLE OLD LADY! Bummer! I start teaching kids ¬†on Monday at the Zimmerli Museum in Rutgers on Monday, and that’s what the kids will be thinking, especially until I can get an epidural this upcoming week, I will be mostly teaching from the sitting/or cane position, both very odd for me, the person who runs around 100 miles a minute! From this experience I have learned a few things. a) I am older than I think in my head, b) patience is something I have to cultivate, c) I like my lazy moments but this is ridiculous! d) people are very kind, e) this house will take longer to clean out that I thought especially if you get hurt f) and that I CAN get bored with watching House Hunters, House Hunters International, Love it or List it!!!

Send chocolate,

love, San D