OK, I did it.

My father always wanted a dog and so did I growing up. But we moved constantly because  my father was in the service. In addition my  mother said that she knew we wouldn’t take care of the dog, and it would fall on her, and well, she loved dogs, but her plate was full with us. So, no dog for us. When my mother passed in 1996, my father ran right out and did the two things he wasn’t allowed to do: 1. buy jeans, and 2. get a dog. Wouldn’t you know it, my Dad looked terrible in jeans, so he stopped wearing them. But he still had his dog. The dog, a Scottish Terrier, quickly outwitted my father, and in return he was relegated to the laundry room most of the time, unless they went out walking, which was rare. My father tried obedience classes, twice in fact. And they both flunked twice. My father loved traveling, and of course with an unruly dog, that was impossible. So I volunteered one time to babysit the dog for 2 weeks while he was away. In no time the dog ripped up my linoleum floor in the kitchen. I wasn’t going to have that, so within the 2 week span, I trained his dog to sit and heel, because unless the dog learned those two commands I wasn’t taking him walking. He learned quickly. Notice I use the phrase “the dog”. I didn’t want to get a relationship with the dog, because that would be trouble, and I would undoubtedly end up the owner of a used Scottish Terrier. Dad came home picked up his dog, and they continued their relationship, with the dog in control once again. When Dad passed, 4 years later, my sister passed the dog onto someone who had owned Scottish Terriers, and retrained the dog. Next thing you know we were getting pictures of the dog with a red bow tie carrying the ring in a basket in a wedding, down the aisle. He lived a very good life, out of the laundry room into the home of a family that knew how to train dogs. One could say he was rescued.

Tomorrow I pick up my first and probably only dog. Bailey. She is a soft coated wheaten terrier and has melted my heart. Now the adventure begins. Image 


2 Responses to “OK, I did it.”

  1. Hallie Says:

    I grew up with a soft coated wheaten terrier – Duffy. He was my best friend and I still think of him often. Congratulations on picking the best breed for your first (and maybe only) dog. They are so sweet and quirky and will just fill your heart with joy. I’m so happy for you and Bailey! Best to you both!

  2. Duckprints Gallery Says:

    Bailey your are gorgeous!!!!!!

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