Daily Bailey


My poor friends and relatives have to endure daily pictures of my dog, Bailey. Well who said “turnabout is fair play?”. Over the years I have ooo’d and aww’d (quite genuinely and with love) over all of their children’s pictures, and now their grandchildren’s pictures. So, now it is my turn to share. I live in a community in Florida where everyone is out walking their dogs. As mentioned in a previous post, they all have small dogs. Bailey, a soft-coated wheaten terrier is considered a medium dog, and will grow up to about 45 pounds. She will turn 4 months on the 24th of February and will be 18 pounds, or twice what she weighed when I got her, a month ago. She has gotten taller, bossier, more confident, and if at all possible, cuter. What she hasn’t gotten yet, is house broken. WE are still working on that. She loves everyone who comes up to her, and licks them to death (with an occasional nip…but WE are working on that as well). I can’t seem to get her NOT to be so excited when she sees other people even though she sees the same ones over and over and over again, as they walk their dogs the same intervals that I walk Bailey. Her favorite activity is to sit and watch people, and then if they come her way her whole body wriggles with excitement, starting with her stubby tail. What I love about her is that she is absolutely in the moment. I have never had a dog before, and am learning all kinds of things, not only about Bailey, but about myself as well. She has taught me patience, as she will dig in and plop flat on the grass if she doesn’t want to walk anymore. I, in turn, have taught her that yes, I am at the end of the leash. What I do, when she digs in, is turn my back on her and wait….and wait….and wait…and enjoy the blue sky, beautiful weather, birds, clean air…then, she gets up because she realizes I am ignoring her….and off we go on our walk.Image


2 Responses to “Daily Bailey”

  1. Stephanie Kowalski Says:

    He is adorable! I know this is unorthodox, but I have been attempting to contact you, but my email was hacked and I no longer have ur contact info….if you still have mine, will you contact me …Stephanie…usually I see you at AENJ conferences, but in Florida I assume no longer 🙂 …as my cat parades in front of my face…can’t give the computer more attention than the pet, right?!

  2. Duckprints Gallery Says:

    Darn…she makes me want a third Wheatie!! My husband wants a third one, but I keep saying Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

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