Dog musings

Dogs are definitely NOT cats. I’ve always had cats. They’ve known where to poop immediately. They’ve curled up in a ball on my lap and purred. They rarely scratched me, and always seemed to know what I was feeling. As you can tell from my last cat, Miss Kitty, she even helped me heal. Now I have a dog, Bailey. She is a bundle of energy as a puppy, and demands, yes demands I say, attention all of the time. Play with me, let me chew on your shoes, bark bark bark, where’s the ball, where’s the stick, oh there’s a squirrel, oh look it’s the neighbor, bark bark bark its a garbage can I’ve never seen before, you want me to poop here, you want me to poop now, bark bark bark, hey, hey, hey, you at the end of my leash, walk faster there’s a leaf I want to chase, I don’t want to walk any more so I’ll just sit like a dead dog on the neighbor’s yard, what, you want to go in now.


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