A Man and his Dog

When Bailey joined us, we had been just two for 42 years. We have have had cats during that time, but Bailey, well she was something different. A dog. She has upended the rhythms of that long union. We go outside as a family unit now, the three of us, hanging out in our back yard, laughing, running, chasing balls and sticks. We walk the dog together, and we also interact with Bailey separately. Kurt took the dog out yesterday while I was in NYC seeing two plays. They went to the Ken Lochwood Gorge. He brought the long leash and only one of his cameras and one tripod. He knew it would be a chore to do both, watch Bailey and take photos. At one point he touched poison ivy and with Bailey went down to the river’s edge to rinse off the poison. At the same time Bailey interacted with the water’s edge. The only water she has ever seen has been her water bowl. At just 7 months her world has been narrow. Seeing this large body of water excited and interested her. She slapped at the water’s edge getting both Kurt and her wet. Then in a blink of Kurt’s eye, Bailey backed up and took a running leap and jumped into the river, sinking, the water over her head. She bobbed up, and doggy paddled back to the edge, Kurt and safety. Kurt sent me this text “Bailey can swim!”Image


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