Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I haven’t posted in awhile, because I am in my “life is a rhythm” mode. Bailey and I have a pattern of walking, playing and eating that virtually trumps everything else. I don’t mind. There is something quite zen about it. The other day while I was walking her (I log in about 7-10 miles a day which includes walking with friends), I was thinking about how this is another “reinvention” of me, and how life is a series of reinventions. I have blocked in 2 years for puppy raising, and while I am not the dog whisperer, I am trying to be in tune with my dog and I love every minute of being with her. She has taught me patience, and the virtue of indeed smelling all of the roses (and dog poop, and p-mail, and bird poop). Year 2014 has been a combination of love, fun and hard work, and I don’t mind.

IMGP0209 (4)a


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