Miss Kitty

November 22, 2013

Miss Kitty

I took a fabric collage class, and decided to make this panel in Miss Kitty’s honor.


“Everybody is a…

November 15, 2013

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

― Albert Einstein

Miss Kitty

November 6, 2013

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty helped me heal. She instinctively knew which ankle needed to be loved, and for weeks laid her head on my ankle while I was on the couch. In early October, her health took a bad turn and she had to be put down. I like to think she used her last kitty life to save me. I loved her very much, and miss her.

I’m on the mend

August 7, 2013

Just in case anyone is reading this, I’ll fill you in. I had a herniated disc (well two really), and went to a few doctors, had an epidural, and eventually and L4, L5, operation. I am now the owner of a left foot which has “foot drop”. Not to worry, I am doing my exercises religiously as recommended by a Physical Therapist. Aside from the pain in recovery, the next hardest part was shaking off the oxycodone, which took the better part of 10 days. I haven’t “walked” my daily walk of 3-5 miles in 2 months and feel very weak. I hope to be up and walking soon. Friends and family have been great, and a big shout out to Kurt and Miss Kitty for grounding me through this experience.

1 Month later

July 21, 2013

I have had an epidural which didn’t work, and then back surgery by a neurosurgeon. I am recovering from the surgery that I had done last Tuesday. This has been a comedy of errors. Both the epidural doctor and the neurosurgeon “fit” me in before their vacations. The neurosurgeon fit me in AFTER his brain surgery. Naturally the brain surgery went longer than expected, so I had to sit in preop 4 extra hours. Not sit exactly, but lay only on one side in one position that was tolerable. By the time they took me in I was exhausted. It was supposed to be a one day thing, but it turned out since everything was late the kept me overnight. When I got out my lower lip was the size of a Zeppelin, heard doctor say I bit my lip..but think because of the damage it was from the thing they stick in your mouth when you go under. So I am now the proud owner of a lip that has a honkin, huge piece sticking off of it. The doctor came by to ask how I felt, and I said fine, but ask me tomorrow. Well tomorrow came and I felt like I had been hit by a bus. Everything hurts, and now 4 days later, it still does. I am a bit more mobile, but in no less pain. I take oxycodone with tylenol every 4 hours, so I am bit dizzy, tired and sweaty. I am supposed to teach classes tomorrow, and sorry kids, that isn’t going to happen. I am scrambling online to see if someone can do it for me, but no answer yet.

Busted my butt!

June 22, 2013

Well, I did it. Yup, busted my butt. Worked like a dog moving, sorting, cleaning. Barely made a dent, but a dent none the less. In the process of working hard everyday I herniated a disc in my back and now I am rendered helpless. PLUS it hurts like a big dog! On the outside I look like a little old lady, and now with this physical limping thing with a cane I have going on, it’s official, I AM A LITTLE OLD LADY! Bummer! I start teaching kids  on Monday at the Zimmerli Museum in Rutgers on Monday, and that’s what the kids will be thinking, especially until I can get an epidural this upcoming week, I will be mostly teaching from the sitting/or cane position, both very odd for me, the person who runs around 100 miles a minute! From this experience I have learned a few things. a) I am older than I think in my head, b) patience is something I have to cultivate, c) I like my lazy moments but this is ridiculous! d) people are very kind, e) this house will take longer to clean out that I thought especially if you get hurt f) and that I CAN get bored with watching House Hunters, House Hunters International, Love it or List it!!!

Send chocolate,

love, San D

Where’s Titusville Florida?

May 16, 2013

Where's Titusville Florida?

Bags and bags and bags and bags

May 16, 2013

I am going through 40 years worth of stuff and deciding what goes and what stays. I feel like an ancient Roman in the Coloseum, thumbs up, thumbs down. Then to satisfy any IRS guidelines, I take photos of each item of clothing and assign a value based on the Salvation Army list. This as you can imagine is taking hours and hours, as I have bags and bags. Part of me would just like to throw it all out, the other part knows that there are needy people who could use the clothing, and so I shoulder on. All of my items are in great shape, since I have so much, each wasn’t worn “out”. Shoes, jewelry, clothing, hats, bags, enough to clothe a village. Each piece means something, and yet means nothing.


March 23, 2013


The great migration will commence. All the anxiety is coming up to the surface. Two cars, one cat, locking up one house, opening up another house. Then there’s the sifting through 40 years of stuff, gifting, throwing out, giving to charity, sellling. It must be done. We need to leave New Jersey behind. The puppet’s face explains it all.

Aging and the F word

January 27, 2013

So while walking this morning I had some thoughts about aging. The first is that I always believed that your body was made to haul your mind around, and that shell will age faster than your mind. Well, HELLO, my mind is catching up to what everyone sees on the outside.

Frustrating. Yup, aging can be very frustrating. Particularly when you are trying to remember FACTS and FACES. Thank God for the internet, because as your mind frantically searches for clues, you can take what you can remember pose it into a question online and get the answer eventually. “Who is the actor that plays the surgeon on the AFLAC commercial, I know I know that face“. Seconds later after a quick Google search, the answer appears, FRANK WOOD.

Frightening. You begin to realize the essential truth about life, and that is what you have done in the past, or more importantly in my case, what has been done to you in the past, will come back and revist you. I just read a condensed version of a medical study that will be published in March that says that if you had your ovaries removed early on, you will suffer from memory loss earlier than most. Who knew my FRONTAL LOBES were attached to my ovaries? The study does say if you took hormone replacement, which I did, you will still suffer from memory loss but at a slower rate. Oh good.

Funny. Between my husband (who by the way didn’t have his ovaries removed at an early age) and I, we pride ourselves in having a single working brain. Our rhythms are such that we have each other’s back in the “brain department”. So the other morning, when we were taking a FIELD TRIP to do some birding and photography, he put in the coordinates of his destination into the GPS. Half asleep we started off, listening to “Jill” our GPS woman give us directions, following them dutifully lest she start haranguing us to “make a u-turn”. We arrived at our destination. It looked familiar. It was our own driveway.